Pipelines & Terminals

Transporting refined crude over short or long distances demands absolute care. KTC GROUP has dependable, efficient products that are crucial to managing pipelines and transport requirements.

As conventional and non-conventional oil and gas fields are developed, existing infrastructure requires upgrades and new systems are necessary. Demands for carbon capture, sequestration, and the greater use of enhanced oil recovery drives the development and building of pipelines and terminals. At the same time regulatory compliance, cost and schedule uncertainties, and varying market conditions are making these projects more challenging.

KTC offers integrated, flexible services for oil, gas, liquids, and CO2 pipelines and terminals. We can deliver the entire project, or manage and implement key components. We work closely with you to leverage internal resources and save costs. Combining our expertise as a global leader in managing environmental issues with our engineering, right-of-way, survey, mapping and construction management capabilities we help you successfully navigate your pipeline projects