Transportation Developments — EPC&M Services

KTC is an industry leader in delivering large, complex transportation projects. Whether the project is a toll road, highway, or bridge, a railway or aviation facility, or a port/marine terminal, KTC has the capability to take your transportation project from conception to completion. KTC is at the forefront of private development of public infrastructure systems around the world and has a proven track record of implementing transportation projects that offer faster schedules, lower life-cycle costs, and considerably less risk to the public sector. KTC is also a leader in developing Public-Private Partnerships; with governments and local authorities to finance and develop critical infrastructure projects.

KTC Group has extensive experience managing transportation projects to include toll roads, highways, and bridges. KTC Group provides design-build and project management expertise and optimizes commercial structures to fund transportation projects internationally. KTC Group often forms delivery teams with complementary skills and synergies to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to transportation projects.

Public-Private Partnerships – Public-private partnerships have provided governments and local authorities with an alternative method of financing and implementing major transportation projects. KTC Group has a proven track record of delivering projects through this approach, offering faster schedules, lower life-cycle costs, and considerably less risk to the public sector. In addition to KTC Group’s world-class project execution capabilities, the company provides a strong balance sheet and long record of financial stability that provide owners and capital markets with confidence that projects will be completed successfully.