Real Estate Developments

At the heart of KHIDMAT Properties’ culture lies the desire to deliver this vision for its customers – from the selection of the company’s development partners such as architects, designers, contractors – to the handover of keys, KHIDMAT Properties endeavors to keep its promise to make sure every detail is flawless.

To ensure developments are delivered to the highest possible standards, KHIDMAT Properties provides the right working environment for talented employees, selects only the right partners, develops projects in prime locations, and uses the most sophisticated building materials. Only by operating this way can KHIDMAT Properties guarantee a track record of delivery for customers to help realize its vision of being the leading luxury developer in the Middle East.

The final phase of the Group’s business model is the “Build” phase. Construction is provided by external contractors in two phases:

  • An initial contract for enabling works
  • A subsequent contract for main work
  • Project Execution and Management

The Group’s project execution and management relies on a two-pronged approach of outsourcing project design and construction to external contractors maintaining a highly qualified team of internal engineers, architects and design professionals who are intensely involved with the entire design and construction process.