Industrial and Manufacturing

KTC Group is a premier manufacturer and supplier of eco-aware quality disposable packaging to the catering and takeaway food industries, KTC Group sub-company power equipment is also the prime manufacture of plastic products such as engine oil gallons, with capability to produce up to 40 letter gallon drums. PE produces Plastic containers for all type of industries such as cosmetic industry. As a manufacturer and supplier to many of the top names on the market, KTC Group is now a well-established source of innovative quality packing manufacture. Our range of production includes:

  • Plastic cutlery KFS
  • Motor oil gallons
  • Food boxes and plastic containers
  • Soup containers
  • Paper coffee cups
  • Paper and plastic carrier bags
  • Cosmetic plastic containers
  • Microwaveable containers for hot food

Our success has been driven by our determination to produce for customer the best possible range of products under one roof, at competitive prices without compromising customer service, our mold engineering team can design, implement products enabling to achieve our clients design invitation requirements. Whether gasoline additive, brake or steering fluid, motor oil or gear lubricant, you need a container that’s easy to handle and safe to use and store. We even offer advance-barrier layer chemistry which can be extruded into our bottles to allow for safe containment of additives and supplements with more aggressive chemistries.