Laundry Services

Laundry service is among KTC’S core areas of activity, our laundry facilities are designed to offer the most innovative methods of superior laundry services tailored to meet and exceed clients’ unique needs and expectations. Over the years we have proven to be your most trusted partner as we provide reliable laundry solutions in remote locations. KTC’s solid reputation for laundry services is based on deep expertise, high-tech Laundromats and laundry related equipments as well as the best quality eco-friendly detergent usage. We offer a complete range of laundry services as we pick up laundry from customers’ residences on regular schedule; handle clients’ clothes with the utmost care and utilize their preferred detergents convenient for their clothing.

Laundry service is among KTC’s core areas of activity. We provide laundry services for the armed forces and organizations of various nations within Afghanistan. Independent power supplies all required machinery, vehicles, and a proven inventory system form the foundation of our trouble-free laundry service. The proven KTC laundry inventory system minimizes loss and guarantees optimal hygiene.

Every individual receives a laundry bag with a personal identification tag, which aids in record-keeping during pickups and deliveries, our system works on the following principle: one laundry bag = one washer load = one dryer load. Individuals receive a “personal” washing machine and dryer. All laundry is checked on completion and individually wrapped in dust proof bags.