Fuel Supply Services

Fuels Supply and Distribution As a performance proven and experienced fuels supplier we are able to deliver any volume of high quality fuel and natural gas without any delay. Dedicated to customer satisfaction we provide service deliveries that suit customers’ fuel needs and fuel storage capacity.

Our customers value single supplier convenience, and we offer a range of solutions: competitive pricing, price risk management, logistical support, fuel quality Control and fuel procurement outsourcing – All provided by our international team of local professionals. To complete the circle we have established our own fuel storage facilities to promptly respond any volume demand and to assure our clients mobility and energy supply remains uninterrupted. We take great pride in providing you with the highest quality of service, reliability, flexibility, and stability.

Proven Expertise across the Complete Fuel Supply Chain

At KTC Group, we possess the knowledge, experience and abilities to provide total end-to-end fuel supply solutions to defense forces and commercial sector clients in the most remote and challenging regions around the world. We offer full turn-key services, all the way from the pipeline to the gas tank. Our proven history of delivering the highest quality product rapidly and securely in all conditions sets us apart from other providers.


If the infrastructure isn’t in place, we can build it. Our experienced technical teams build fully self-sufficient facilities using proven best practices specific to the oil industry. We provide pipeline construction and maintenance and specialize in aviation and ground vehicle bulk fuel storage.

Supply and Distribution

We provide fuel transport across ground, air and maritime channels to ensure rapid delivery. Our global purchasing power allows us to create a buffer in supply to protect clients from market fluctuations. At KTC, we employ a sophisticated Fuel Management Information System in parallel to our GPS-based Vehicle and Asset Tracking system to monitor all shipments at all times.


Currently, we operate 13 fuel laboratories that test and retest fuels throughout the supply cycle to ensure quality is always at peak levels. Our laboratories comply with ISO 9001:2008 and meet JIG guidelines. In addition, we participate in the ASTM Correlation Program in which our quality data is compared against global competitors such as Shell, BP and Chevron. Consistent results demonstrate our ability to maintain ASTM repeatability on par with all major industry players.


We are committed to ensuring safety and performance of all equipment and vehicles in the fuel supply chain. Our advanced Maintenance Management System is compliant with all JIG guidelines, and includes full in house cyclical standard maintenance checks, preventative maintenance, and corrective maintenance for divisions such as:

  • Fleet maintenance
  • Pipeline and tank maintenance
  • Fuel laboratory instrument maintenance
  • Filter vessel maintenance
  • In-house meter maintenance, repair and calibration


our capabilities includes numerous expeditionary facilities and forward refueling points in conflict areas and inhospitable regions. Our aviation specialists provide flight line refueling services including hot refueling at Forward Operating Bases in combat zones.