Facility Management services LSA

Integrated facility management services to provide well-maintained, safe, comfortable and fully functional facilities. KTC Group is an expert implementer of integrated facility management services and technical Operations & Maintenance services. Our comprehensive preventative and reactive maintenance programs are designed to protect and upkeep your capital investments. A dedicated team of certified electricians, plumbers and refurbishment specialists perform day to day activities required to assure the built environment will perform intended functions, therefore operate at peak efficiency as well as meet long-term comfort and safety standards.

Our broad spectrum Of executed O&M services includes: regular maintenance, repair and routine operational service required to keep the entire built environments prepared and functional as well as sustain proper utility of equipments. Aspiring to keep the built environments contained and organized our knowledgeable Operations and Maintenance personnel continuously provides high quality maintenance services that fit complexity and variety of facilities. We plan; conduct and follow up all the organization needed to maintain all systems and equipments properly therefore provide optimal living conditions. KTC LAS at remote areas