Dining Facilities (DFAC)

Our team of expert personnel and qualified professional manpower offer the most inclusive line of kitchens and dining facilities that enable food service excellence. The 250 structured, fully operational restaurants

Like dining facilities throughout Iraq and Afghanistan show us fully capable of constructing most complex dining facilities in remote locations. Our DFACs are compliant to International Building Standards and contain fully equipped modern kitchens intended for food preparation alongside comfortable food serving areas that provide dining pleasure. These DFACs can be utilized for temporary or permanent applications. Each dining facility is independent structure designed and equipped to feed 2500 soldier meals, three times per day, seven days a week. They encompass Entire stainless steel kitchen interior, inside and outside lighting for personnel safety, Refrigeration & dry storage, hot and cold running water, dual convection ovens, warming cabinets, hand-wash sinks and other essentials for all types of meal preparation and meal serving solutions. Our DFACs

are equipped with generators for power distribution and backup generators for power continuity.

KTC Group’s DFAC construction services comprise: design and planning, project management, procurement transportation and warehousing of construction materials necessary for completing the entire project, vehicle fleet and equipment upholding, procurement of kitchen and dining facility equipments, as well as building operations and maintenance.

Respecting safety and quality standards is our first priority as well as performing construction services in compliance with the contractor’s requirements within the Scheduled time. We are the best in fast project execution and facility completion.