Cleaning & Pest control Services

KTC Group provides thorough and reliable professional cleaning services in any demanded area. We service residential and commercial properties located in rural Areas across the globe, KTC Group specializes in offering a complete range of premium quality cleaning services tailored to suit needs and requirements.

Through years KTC Group has built its reputation on providing outstanding cleaning services that make facilities cleaner and healthier than ever before. The combination of experience along with our state-of-the-art equipments, environmentally preferred products and unique cleaning processes provide customers with a line of cleaning services best in the industry,

We clean offices of any size; our high standards and quality of service have allowed us to work in the highly secure government buildings, and International military bases within Afghanistan. All KTC staffs are subject to a very high level of selection and biometrical procedures in order to provide peace of mind to the customer. Our focus on customer satisfaction and our zero-tolerance safety attitude contribute added values to our ISO certified excellence in Military Camp support. Our best-practice procurement procedures ensure a smooth and in-time handling of even security critical mobilization efforts in theatres like Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan for projects of every size.

  • Regular domestic cleaning
  • Office and Life Support areas
  • One off spring cleaning
  • Gardening and patio maintenance
  • Windows at all heights

KTC Cleaning service has grown to be a standard package, including laundry, inside Compound Street sweeping using state of art technologies and trucks, side walk sweeping, providing sanitizing solutions utilizing US/Europe approved cleaning and sanitizing products and materials.