Industrial Relations

KTC Group’s Industrial Relations team evaluates and mitigates domestic and international labor or employment issues to promote and maintain labor harmony at all project locations. Through regional analysis, the group determines various labor posture approaches and makes sure working conditions comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those applying to craft compensation, employee relations, collective bargaining agreements, and community relations.


KTC Group has been an industry leader in the use of modular construction. Modularization execution begins during a project’s conceptual design phase as a coordinated effort that encompasses all EPC project functions. KTC Group provides modular construction and construction management services from design, through module assembly and transportation, to erection and final turnover. Following the conceptual design and detailed design phases, KTC Group’s modular teams manage and coordinate the various suppliers, subcontractors, and assembly yards needed to construct and test the modules. KTC Group arranges for loading, transport, and unloading of the assembled modules including barge, ship, rail, or over-the-road transport.

Rigging Services

KTC Group retains highly experienced rigging specialists who assists projects with rigging plans, studies, detailed design of rigging attachments, consultation, technical subcontract selection, and management. Rigging plans and analysis for a project usually result in significant savings through efficiencies, construction equipment savings, and avoidance of costly problems and accidents.

Welding Certification and Services

All welders performing ASME/NBIC code work are required to be qualified and certified in accordance with the original code of construction and ASME Section IX. Welder qualification test records (WQRs) are available at the site of the welding. The project quality representative assures only qualified welders perform code work. The quality representative also assures all welders performing code work have reviewed the applicable weld procedures (WPSs) for the work to be performed.